'Enders Masood troubles, Corrie tension, E'dale and 'Oaks affairs

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'Enders Masood troubles, Corrie tension, E'dale and 'Oaks affairs

Post by GD on Sun 12 Jun 2011, 4:31 pm

EastEnders couple Tamwar and Afia celebrate a happy occasion as the day of the Mehndi arrives later this month, but the simmering tension between Masood and Yusef could cast a shadow over the heartwarming event.

As everyone gets ready for the procession around Albert Square, friends and family come out in force to show their support for the young couple, but Masood has been banned from attending.

Once the procession gets under way, a hurt Masood watches on from a distance and is furious when he spots Yusef put his arm around Tamwar's shoulder. Additionally, the fact that Christian has been invited and he hasn't only makes the situation more exasperating for the frustrated father.

Unable to keep a lid on his feelings for any longer, Masood decides to turn up to the Mehndi uninvited. As tensions rise following his arrival, will Tamwar and Afia be forced to reveal that they're already married?

A Walford source commented: "Tamwar is feeling upset knowing that his father won't be there, but he puts on a brave face and the happy couple are joined by their friends and family for the procession.

"Yusef does everything he can to make Masood feel left out, and Masood later decides that he can't stand back and watch his family join with Yusef's. He then decides to go to the Mehndi with disastrous consequences…"

Over on Coronation Street, Roy and Hayley learn that Becky has been partying hard at a hotel and manage to convince her to return home to Weatherfield - but the hellraiser's wild behaviour looks to be far from over.

Becky moves in with the Croppers but can't resist heading over to The Rovers, where she meets new landlady Stella Price for the first time. The pair have a frosty introduction and it's clear that Becky isn't pleased about Stella moving in with her family.

Tipsy after downing more booze, Becky causes more trouble when she takes a liking to Stella's boyfriend Karl and starts flirting with him before pinching his backside.

When Stella spots what's going on, she makes it clear that she's not best pleased and rebukes Becky in no uncertain terms. Becky gives as good as she gets, but could it be that she's met her match in Stella?

Coming up on Emmerdale, Mia starts to suspect that her mother is having an affair and hints at her gut feeling in a candid discussion with Declan, warning that Ella will find someone else if he doesn't start paying her more attention. Mia's words have a big effect on Declan and it's not long before he's also convinced that Ella has another man.

Unaware that her partner is edging closer to the truth, Ella books a hotel room for herself and Adam, before telling Declan that she's off out for a meeting with her salon manager.

Becoming more suspicious by the minute, Declan secretly scrolls through Ella's phone and is shocked to discover that the last number she phoned was for a hotel.

Later, when Ella arrives at the hotel ready for another afternoon of passion with Adam, she's stunned to see that Declan is waiting for her there. Covering quickly, Ella claims that the hotel bar is where she's having her business meeting.

As Declan and Ella are in mid-row, Adam turns up and is forced to hide when he spots that his secret lover isn't alone. Will he make an escape without Declan spotting him?

Elsewhere, Hollyoaks love rat Ethan will soon find his personal life becoming a whole lot more complicated as the situation with Liberty and Theresa intensifies.

When Liberty finds out that she's been betrayed by her boyfriend and best friend, she furiously dumps Ethan - leaving the police detective secretly relieved as it leaves him free to pursue a proper relationship with Theresa.

Although they both feel guilty about everything that's happened, Ethan and Theresa decide to make a go of things and start seeing each other in secret.

However, in a twist, Ethan also can't help but feel attracted to Liberty's new-found assertiveness and when he spots her singing at Chez Chez, he realises that he still has feelings for her.

Meeting up with Liberty in secret, Ethan is pleasantly surprised when she forgives him and their romance gets back on track. As Ethan swears Liberty to secrecy, he's now in relationships with both women. How long can he keep up his deception?

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