New technology to protect boats

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New technology to protect boats

Post by GD on Thu 28 Apr 2011, 10:43 pm

Police in Guernsey are using cutting edge technology to help stop boats and equipment being stolen on the island.

Forensic microdot kits are being offered to islanders - so they can mark their possessions.

That way if an item is stolen and recovered, the owner can be traced.

Andy Goodall from Guernsey Police said: "Unfortunately last year and the year before this area suffered, not a lot, but we probably had a dozen or so thefts from boats - whether it be outboard engines, fuel tanks or even oars...and if we can get boat owners to take this system on board then it's another tool in our toolbox to deter thieves and to be able to identify stolen equipment quickly."

The Police say the kit is very simple to use. A small bottle contains around twenty applications, and all the boatowner has to do is paint the UV liquid onto any equipment they want to protect. Then, if it does happen to get stolen the Police can identify the tiny microscopic dots and identify the owner.

With tens of thousands of pounds of equipment often on boats - the Guernsey Boatowners Association has welcomed the move.

Peter Derham of the Guernsey Boatowners Association said: "It's absolutely brilliant news because boatowners have a huge amount of expense on equipment on their boats and particularly here in the bays where the boats are accessible at low tide on foot they're very vulnerable and anything that will deter the sneak thief from coming along and just helping himself is good news."

The kits cost around 20 - and Guernsey police say that's a small price to pay to protect equipment worth thousands.

On Saturday morning (30th April) they'll be at Rousse headland with more information and sixty free kits to give away.

(from CTV)

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