Catherine Middleton Quay for Alderney?

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Catherine Middleton Quay for Alderney?

Post by GD on Mon 18 Apr 2011, 6:52 pm

Two States members in Alderney have come up with a novel way of capitalizing on the upcoming royal wedding. They have hatched a plan to rename the island’s commercial quay after soon-to-be princess Kate Middleton.

Alderney's commercial quay has recently undergone a £12 million redevelopment and two politicians think it needs a new name.

With a royal wedding on the horizon, Paul Arditti and Matt Birmingham think Alderney could capitalise on the royal fever by naming the quay after the future queen.

Matt Birmingham said: “When Paul suggested naming the quay it just struck me that with the royal wedding very much in the forefront of everybody’s mind, it might be a suitable way for Alderney to commemorate it by naming it after Kate Middleton.

“There have been other suggestions such as the Homecoming Quay, which would be very Alderney, but for me I feel that it gives us maybe some marketing opportunities that we could actually use by naming it after a royal and there’s always the case that it could be a good excuse for a royal visit.”

Mr Arditti fully agrees with his States colleague and can even imagine locals giving the quay a royal nickname.

Paul Arditti said: “I think it’s a very good idea. It has all sorts of spin-off which I’m sure Matt will develop for you but also there could be a nickname, Kate’s Quay, and that I think is so Alderney.”

But while Kate’s Quay has States support, islanders are not so sure - it is already prompted heated debate amongst locals. (from CTV)

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