Alderney's answer to Stonehenge?

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Alderney's answer to Stonehenge?

Post by GD on Wed 13 Apr 2011, 6:14 pm

A unique art project is literally rocking Alderney.

Top sculptor Andy Goldsworthy has been working on the Alderney Stones for the past two years, an idea which has involved positioning 11 boulders that each weigh around three-and-a-half tonnes all around the island.

Each stone is five feet high and weighs about three-and-a-half tonnes, and they all contain different items, from bricks to blackberries, which will be revealed as the sculptures erode.

Sculptor Andy says the idea is that people will see the artworks change over time.

He said: "They are aimed primarily at those people who are going to see them every day and to see the changes. I hope that the people who walk their dog, walk past here; those are the people who are really going, I hope, to gain most from these works.

"And visitors who come to see the project will see a window into it, but they are seeing it on Alderney's terms. You really have to live here to understand Alderney."

Andy came to Alderney after being invited to work in the Bailiwick by Guernsey's College of Further Education - and he said the island has inspired him.

He said: "I think it is a place that has an enormous potential to provoke creativity in people like myself and I think that's an important part of the project, not to see it as just a place to put some art but actually generate art, that ideas can be generated from a small island like this."

Andy's work will significantly alter Alderney's landscape and long-term it is hoped the project will leave a lasting legacy.

(from CTV)

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Re: Alderney's answer to Stonehenge?

Post by Spirit on Wed 13 Apr 2011, 10:31 pm

and if we did it, it would be called 'fly tipping'

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