Goldsworthy returns to Alderney

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Goldsworthy returns to Alderney

Post by GD on Fri 08 Apr 2011, 5:34 pm

ARTIST Andy Goldsworthy has returned to the island to complete his Alderney Stones project.Sculptor Andy touched down on Tuesday and immediately inspected the numerous clay boulders he and his team developed at Fort Albert 12 months ago.

He is hoping to position the structures in various island locations – including Saye Bay, Longis Bay and Braye Harbour – next week.

Once in place, the stones will form part of an island tour, which will take about six hours to complete.

Andy placed different items in each stone, including bricks, poppies and wheat.

Once the stones erode, the items will appear and leave a legacy of the project, which was organised by the Guernsey College of Further Education’s International Artist in Residence programme.

Andy spent most of Wednesday assessing the condition of the stones.

‘We’re getting them ready to take to the different sites,’ he said. ‘At the moment we’re trying to figure out what we need to do with the stones. We may fill some of the cracks.

‘There are also a couple of issues over the location of some of them. Permission has been given for most areas, but there are a couple we have issues with.’

Andy said he would also have to consider any potential difficulties in moving the stones.

‘That could be another issue. They’ve all shrunk a bit while they’ve dried out, but most of them weigh about 3.5 tonnes. Some will be even heavier, depending on what’s inside them.’

Andy is looking forward to finally positioning the stones – two years after deciding to work in the island.

‘It’s always nice to take things to the end. There will be quite a lot of tension – it’s a bit like releasing something that’s been in a cage.

It will be unpredictable when it comes alive.

‘I’m excited about putting them in a variety of places, as they will erode differently, depending on where they are. The one that’s exposed on a cliff, with a westerly, will erode differently from one that’s sheltered. It’ll be fascinating to see how they react to different conditions.’

The Cheshire-born artist, who has completed similar projects in America, Canada and Japan, said he had no idea how islanders would react.

‘It’s another unpredictable part of making work that alters the landscape. There will be a whole raft of responses and reactions – I just hope the stones will tell their stories of how they were made and talk about the place in which they’re put. I hope the people will be able to appreciate and understand them.’

* From 21 April, Alderney Museum will hold an exhibition of Andy’s Alderney Stones drawings. A guided walk is also planned in the next fortnight – more details will be announced soon.

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