Alderney court hears of alcoholic's anguish

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Alderney court hears of alcoholic's anguish

Post by Dell on Wed 30 Mar 2011, 1:54 pm

An alcoholic has made an impassioned cry for help in Alderney’s court.

44-year-old Sally Walters was detained by police on Monday for breaking bail conditions, the first case in Alderney history, after pleading guilty to two counts of trespassing and burglary on 3rd March.

She was ordered not to contact the complainants or be in possession of alcohol. She was also told not to purchase or seek to acquire alcohol.

But after a member of the public spotted Walters walking into her home with cans of cider, she was detained by police and ordered to reappear before the court.

Emotional Walters admitted breaking the conditions before telling Jurats she was sorry and embarrassed.

The court ordered her to report to Alderney’s police station twice a day – at 11am and 6pm. Jurat Colin Partridge warned Walters that a further breach would result in her being remanded in custody.

Tearful Walters told the court she found it impossible to find the help she needed to combat her addiction: "I am extremely sorry and embarrassed. I have been trying to get proper psychiatric help but there just does not seem to be any help at all.

"It’s my fault for drinking the drink but I’m an alcoholic and I’m struggling. I just hope you’ll understand how difficult it is. I hope you won’t keep me detained anymore. Just let me go home please."

Walters said she was receiving support from Alcoholics Anonymous but didn't think it was sufficient.

"I’m seeing an AA counsellor every two weeks but I don’t feel that’s enough," she said.

"I think I need psychiatric help. In the Castel [hospital] it is like Claire [Cotton] said in The Journal, they just give you tablets and feed you.

"I know there’s only one person who can sort this out and that’s me at the end of the day. But there’s just nothing here, no community psychiatric nurse or anything."

Walters is due to reappear on 7th April, once a social enquiry report has been compiled. A probation officer will decide whether a psychiatric report is necessary prior to sentencing.

The lack of mental health services in Alderney has made headlines in recent weeks, following the death of local postman Jamie Spandler at the age of 44.

The father-of-two had a history of mental health issues and was released from Guernsey’s Castel Hospital just three days before he died.

Clare Cotton, who's well known in the island for speaking out about mental health issues, has since launched a campaign to improve current provisions.

From Channelonline.

Are HSSD doing enough for those who have a genuine need for help?


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Re: Alderney court hears of alcoholic's anguish

Post by Digger on Wed 30 Mar 2011, 3:06 pm

Not at all , There are people willing to help but at this time are up against a brick wall. There are some very narrow minded people out there , its i am aright jack approach.

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Re: Alderney court hears of alcoholic's anguish

Post by Thistle on Thu 31 Mar 2011, 7:45 am

alcoholics are the only ones who can stop themselves drinking..they have to want to stop drinking and mean it not play at it.....they do need support on the journey to being alcohol everything else HSSD does there is not enough help out there for recovering with alcoholism is awful for the alcoholic and equally for the addicts family...there is even less help for the recovering persons family out there

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Re: Alderney court hears of alcoholic's anguish

Post by kat on Thu 31 Mar 2011, 8:50 am

I agree with Thistle here .sometimes they feel all alone in this world
there is a stigma attached to being a alcoholic .it is hard for them and very hard for the families to watch while someone destroys their lives and those around them
more support is needed.
Not just a week or two in the Castel hospital with day release .wth a shop selling booze down the road..more help is needed for those who it effects and proper advice h=given to members of the family who it effects

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Re: Alderney court hears of alcoholic's anguish

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