Wine tasting, Easter and Herm Literary Society

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Wine tasting, Easter and Herm Literary Society

Post by GD on Thu 24 Mar 2011, 6:48 pm

Dear All,

What a terrific start to the Spring! Wall to wall sunshine for several days now, I do hope that this is a suggestion of some glorious weather throughout the season.

The White House Hotel opens a week tomorrow, and begins with a Murder Mystery Weekend. There are then a couple of Wine tasting weekends which are always great fun, more details of which can be found by following this link Winetastingbreaks. Following that, Easter arrives, as late as I can recall it for years. We have some great offers to stay both in the Hotel, or in one of our Holiday Cottages WHHotelEaster

The refurbishment works to the White House are making the rooms look terrific. The work that we have also been doing in the Holiday Cottages, and also on the campsite will make welcome differences to all of accommodation offerings. If you are thinking of holidaying closer to home this year, instead of traveling afar, then you will be able to spot the differences that we have managed to achieve in a number of locations.

Very new for this season, is the Herm Literary Society Hermliterarysociety. In association with Guernsey trust company Marlborough, we have invited a diverse range of authors to visit Herm, and talk about their books and their work. The authors range from Jane Anson talking about Bordeaux wines, Cam Addicot talking about his time tracking down the Drug Lord's of Britain to Lynne Barrett-Lee talking about her Novels, and how to become an author. The link I have created will take you straight to our web page which explains which author appears when, what you can expect from them, and how to make your reservations.

Our team in our reservations offices have been exceptionally busy this winter, transferring all of our operations onto new computer software, which means that we will, in the future, hold just one database, not the four that we currently hold! The other major opportunity that it offers, is the ability for anyone to book accommodation in the White House Hotel, our Holiday Cottages or our Campsite online. Previously we were able to offer this facility just for the Hotel, but now, by visiting ] you are able to book to stay anywhere!

On a more personal note, following many years of inactivity and allergy to physical exertion, I have taken up the challenge to kayak around Guernsey, and to run the Herm run. The former will take around 9 hours, and the latter hopefully less than 30 minutes. So far, this has involved many visits to a place called a gym, and a curious set of circumstances called not drinking alcohol! I have also learnt that moving quickly without a vehicle is called running. Apparently this whole procedure is summed up as "Training". My wife and I have supported Lucia Chibade, a girl in the Namachete region of Malawi, for the last five years. On occasion, we have been able to raise further sums to edge the region closer to self sufficiency, but they are not there yet. One day, we hope that Lucia's village, and the region as a whole, will have full self sufficiency for the future. I am seeking support through sponsorship, and so would be delighted if you are able to help. Further information can be found at ] justgivingJonathanWatson

We are very much looking forward to seeing a lot more of the sun this year, and hope that you are able to join us too.

Best wishes

Jonathan Watson

Director of Hospitality

Herm Island Ltd

......THE BOSS......

"Always be yourself because the people who mind don't matter, and the people who matter don't mind"


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