Alderney plans mental health protest

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Alderney plans mental health protest

Post by GD on Fri 11 Mar 2011, 6:56 pm

People in Alderney are planning to protest about the lack of mental health services in the island. Residents are adamant they are not receiving enough support and claim people will die unless drastic action is taken.

Clare Cotton has become well known in Alderney for speaking out about mental health issues and has been concerned about the lack of available services for years.

Tragically, Clare’s warning was vindicated when local postman Jamie Spandler died last month at the age of 44. The father-of-two had a history of mental health issues and was released from Guernsey’s Castel Hospital just three days before he died.

Bipolar sufferer Clare, who admits to self harming and has first-hand experience of the Castel, wants to change the States attitude to mental health.

I think people need to start realizing that in this community there are mental health problems and stop trying to sweep it under the carpet, as they do now," she said. "I personally would like someone to come over, like a CPN, to help, talk to people. Its not viable for everyone to keep going to Guernsey all the time for help.

Gardener Clare, who is planning a public protest, said more tragedies were inevitable unless something is done.

Im really sorry to say that I think that people will keep hurting themselves because if youve got nowhere to turn and youre in a black hole already, what can you do, she asked.

States member Boyd Kelly praised Clare and said steps to improve mental health were being taken.

Clare is a very brave woman. She has had her own issues and she champions the cause of mental health on the island and the island is all the better for having someone like her to take the baton up. We are aware, the States are aware that there is a need for enhanced treatment for people with mental health problems on the island.

A spokesman for the HSSD admitted it would like to provide higher standards of care for mental health sufferers. It was also revealed a strategic plan is being produced to tackle the issue across the Bailiwick.
(from CTV)

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Re: Alderney plans mental health protest

Post by Digger on Sat 12 Mar 2011, 12:33 pm

I take my hat off to this lady , i hope someone takes notice of her ASAP , There is a dire problem with mental health over here and it getting worse , you cannot blame the Castel hospital especially the staff as they are dedicated to their job its just the Board of health who have limited budgets ( i won't go on on how the States waste our money on less important things , that's another issue )

I met Jamie about a month ago , all he wanted was help and more importantly after-care , he was a nice man just very ill , it would be wrong of me to apportion blame , just the system is not working .

Very sad !!

Good luck Clare.

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Re: Alderney plans mental health protest

Post by Thistle on Sat 12 Mar 2011, 10:43 pm

sadly nothing will ever happen ..there is so little help available for people with mental health probs and boh dont see to give a damn...they spend millions on a new hospital that was in all probability not needed as most of the wards arent open for use as they have no staff to run them..surely the money would have been better spent on mental health issues x

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Re: Alderney plans mental health protest

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