Guernsey unemployment statistics for February released

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Guernsey unemployment statistics for February released

Post by GD on Mon 07 Mar 2011, 5:06 pm

The number of people registering as unemployed and available for regular employment in Guernsey is 441 which represents 1.26% of the working population. This figure includes 23 people who were placed on the Community and Environmental Project Scheme, 6 on Get Into Plastering and 1 on Kickstart. Of the 411 remaining, 117 were in part-time or casual employment during this week.

The number of people registering this time last year was 490 and the number for last month was 452. To compare our figures with other countries the International Labour Organisation definition of unemployed should be used. This would result in our number of unemployed being 294 or 0.9% of the working population (from ICfeed)

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