Guernsey to trial computers for every pupil project

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Guernsey to trial computers for every pupil project

Post by GD on Mon 28 Feb 2011, 9:52 pm

Guernsey's Education Department is investigating ways of providing all pupils with their own computer.
It is planning to trial the provision of PC Notebooks for students at Les Beaucamps High School.
Director of education Derek Neale said it followed seeing similar schemes through buy-in systems in UK schools.
He said: "We realised this was the way forward and we're looking at ways of making sure that our pupils in our schools also get those advantages (from BBC)

UK children in years 3 - 9 (approximately age 7 - 14), who are entitled to free schools meals, will be able to apply for a grant to buy a computer and broadband connection from an approved supplier, after meeting strict eligibility criteria. Looked after children up to the age of 18 will also receive laptops, and the scheme will offer bespoke packages to provide more support for children with special educational needs.

Lets hope our Education have an eligibility criteria and not just "give away" pc's to one and all...

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Re: Guernsey to trial computers for every pupil project

Post by kingcolemk on Tue 01 Mar 2011, 9:19 am

We are getting reports in the UK of some parents selling their children's free issue computors and buying drugs etc.


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