Sark for 'sale'? Barclay brother's 2 million offer

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Sark for 'sale'? Barclay brother's 2 million offer

Post by GD on Sat 26 Feb 2011, 11:12 am

Billionaire Sir David Barclay has attempted to buy the lease of Sark for 2 million, the businessman's official newsletter claims.

Sir David offered Seigneur Michael Beaumont 1 million for ownership of Sark's lease and the title of Seigneur that goes with it, plus 1 million compensation for the Seigneur's loss of his 28,000 annual payment to run Sark.

But the Seigneur turned the offer down.

The lease is open-ended, which means unless it gets sold it is passed on to another member of the family.

Now Sir David has printed correspondence between himself and the Seigneur in his official newsletter, The Sark Newsletter.

The publication printed letters between the two men, which quote Seigneur Beaumont as writing: "I am unable to accept your offer and certainly at the moment I have no wish to do so".

They also show a letter in which Sir David writes that he is not interested in taking over the political powers attached to the title and becoming the island's feudal ruler - rather, he is concerned with the island's economic future.

In the letter, Sir David says: "I am not interested in the Seigneurie, nor any feudal rights, nor having any influence in Chief Pleas".

Sir David also said he would drop the case he is currently pursuing through the European Court of Human Rights. In it he claims Sark is 'feudal' and undemocratic.

But the Seignuer's letter goes on to say: "The majority of the established Islanders would be horrified if I relinquished the Fief and my wife and I wish to continue living here which I believe would not be feasible should I do so."

Sir David argues in the newsletter that Sark would benefit economically by his offer - and it would save the island 28,000 a year in the Seigneur's pay.

The fief of Sark has been sold before, such as when Michael Beaumont's own ancestor bought it in the 19th Century. But a sale, and in particular a sale to Sir David, would have sent shockwaves through the island. (from CTV)

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