Fisherman left high and dry in court

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Fisherman left high and dry in court

Post by GD on Mon 21 Feb 2011, 5:05 pm

A Royal Court order to sell off a fisherman’s equipment to pay back a bank debt has left him without a livelihood, he said.

Neil Corbet’s fishing boat and licence have also been repossessed by finance company Cherry Godfrey, arrested by HM Sheriff, and will also be sold off.

‘I just feel that part of my life has been removed because fishing is my passion, my life and my livelihood,’ said Mr Corbet of 125, Les Genats Estate, Route de Carteret, Cobo.

HSBC Bank was awarded judgement for £10,000 with interest and costs against Mr Corbet in February last year. In November, HM Sheriff’s office seized Mr Corbet’s boat, Boy William, but it was found that the title for the vessel belonged to loans company Cherry Godfrey. Mr Corbet’s sister had been guarantor for the debt for the boat and the fishing licence and had both passed to Cherry Godfrey. HM Sheriff’s staff then seized Mr Corbet’s fishing equipment.(from GEP)

What did he expect?

......THE BOSS......

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Re: Fisherman left high and dry in court

Post by bug1 on Tue 22 Feb 2011, 4:53 pm

Cuckoo land?

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