Ormers court case ‘a waste of money’

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Ormers court case ‘a waste of money’

Post by GD on Fri 18 Feb 2011, 6:00 pm

PROSECUTING two islanders for taking ormers just under the size limit was a waste of taxpayers’ money, according to Seafresh director Andy Le Prevost.

Robert Falla, 53, and John Domaille, 74, were both fined £150 in the Magistrate’s Court last week for collecting undersized ormers earlier this year off Lihou Island.

The pair both said it was an innocent mistake, with Mr Falla saying he had forgotten his measurer and Mr Domaille saying the ormers looked larger in the water. They both placed them back in the sea.

Mr Le Prevost believed the case should have ended there, rather than spending money prosecuting them.
(from gep)

Seems an "on the spot" fine would be better...

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Re: Ormers court case ‘a waste of money’

Post by plimmerton811 on Fri 18 Feb 2011, 8:28 pm

Yes, it appears to be a waste of money. But what lessons have been learned and put into the public arena,
1/. Don't ormer without a measure, if not sure put them back don't chance it.
2/. The law is willing to go all the way to protect OUR fish stock. By the way, we are in this predicament of limited tides because of over fishing.

If we stop at the put them back in the water scenario where is the deterrent, where is the public notification that we will take you to court. So the deterrant value can not be quantified and it may well be worth it's weight in gold also what about the free advertising aspect the court case brings.
I think Andy Le Prevost should stop and look at the bigger picture.


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