Ten of the best Valentine's Day treats for that special person

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Ten of the best Valentine's Day treats for that special person

Post by GD on Fri 04 Feb 2011, 1:42 pm

Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity for retailers to rip off consumers. Don't let them get away with it follow our 10 suggestions for a cheaper but more meaningful celebration of your love.

1. Don't overpay if you want to say it with flowers. Interflora is charging from 19.99 for a single red rose (vase included) to 499.99 for 100 hand-tied roses studded with diamante pins (you'd want actual diamonds for that price). If it has to be red roses, you may want to consider the Fairtrade dozen Kenyan red roses for 19.99 from Marks & Spencer. But other flowers scented ones, perhaps, such as freesias or narcissi which are much cheaper and can be bought at the last minute in your local supermarket, are a less cliched option. Or if you want to remind your true love of your feelings for longer than the average lifespan of roses, John Lewis is selling Cambria Orchid plants that bloom for up to eight weeks for 40, with chocolates thrown in. But whatever you for make sure it's not the garage forecourt option.

2. Rather than buying chocolates, try making your own chocolate truffles. Paul A Young's recipe for the Guardian in 2009 has just three ingredients: dark chocolate, double cream and light muscovado sugar although you can add flavourings such as chilli, rum or mint if you are feeling adventurous. You will also need some cocoa powder in which to roll the balls of ganache. But it's pretty easy.

3. Many people prefer just to send a card, but don't use a free e-card website that's just naff. It's much better to make your own card you could personalise it with pictures of the recipient and their favourite things (although your boyfriend with the Manchester United lineup is perhaps not the most romantic idea).

4. Instead of battling to get a place in your local trattoria on 14 February and spending the evening surrounded by smoochy couples, cook a special meal at home. Look up some simple recipes, or if that is beyond your culinary skills, nip to Marks & Spencer for the Dine in for Two deal. The retailer is offering a Valentine's version for 20 (more cashing in on hapless lovelorn non-cooks?), but we think the regular 10 menu hits the spot perfectly well. And don't forget to dress the table a flower in a glass and perhaps a candle or two should do the trick. Remember that while candlelight is romantic, you do actually need to be able to see the food and your partner, so make sure there is additional ambient lighting.

5. If the idea of being romantic for a whole evening with your partner sends you into a flat spin of terror, maybe going out to a restaurant is a better option. Check out discount voucher sites, including the Guardian's for restaurants offering money off. There are perhaps better venues than Pizza Express and Gourmet Burger to take your partner on that particular evening.

6. If you are after a particular present for your loved one a bottle of perfume, for example make sure you don't pay more than you have to by setting a price alert. Pricegrabber sends consumers an email notification when an item drops to their desired price.

7. Make a photographic collection of your favourite moments together. Either use prints you already have to create an album, or if your pics are stored on your computer, create a photo book. Photobox.co.uk has set a last order date of 3 February for first-class delivery of its Valentine's Day photobooks, but you still have time to order a personalised mug (from 8.49) or T-shirt (from 8.25).

8. Do you remember making casettes of your favourite songs when you were a teenager (or CDs if you are a bit younger than me)? These days you can compile a playlist for your partner's iPod or mobile the Guardian team suggests You've Got the Love (Florence and the Machine), Couldn't Love You More (John Martyn), and The Sensual World (Kate Bush) if you want your partner to say "mmmmmmm yes". Tunes to avoid include just about everything suggested on the "classics" list on simply-romantic-ideas.com.

9. You can't beat a good massage feet, head, back, hands but paying for one at your local beauty parlour can be very expensive. Invest in a nice-smelling massage oil the Body Shop sells Divine Calm Relaxing Massage Oil for 8. Learn the best techniques from the videos on Howtomassage.com and get stuck in.

10. Don't celebrate on 14 February. There is no reason why you should fit in with what is now simply an opportunity for retailers to market overpriced and usually naff cards and trinkets. Try being nice and considerate all year round instead. (guardian)

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Re: Ten of the best Valentine's Day treats for that special person

Post by kat on Fri 04 Feb 2011, 3:32 pm

I have my valentine pressie early so i can wear it out tonight
A heart necklace made with a dozen red roses ...
i usually have a dozen red roses from hubby but this year he brought me something different .
but what do us ladies buy for our hubbies?

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Re: Ten of the best Valentine's Day treats for that special person

Post by Spirit on Fri 04 Feb 2011, 6:45 pm

No 10 suits me.

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Re: Ten of the best Valentine's Day treats for that special person

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