Teen eating trends revealed

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Teen eating trends revealed

Post by GD on Mon 24 Jan 2011, 6:22 pm

Fewer than a quarter of schoolchildren in Guernsey are eating their five a day - they prefer crisps and sweets. A survey also shows that a quarter of teenage girls are skipping breakfast.

The results from the Young Peoples Survey 2010 have been released to coincide with Weight Wise Week. They reveal the diet of young people in Guernsey and their attitudes to healthy eating.

The survey was conducted online last summer and 1,500 pupils in Years six, eight, 10 and 12 answered 100 questions on behaviour, views and attitudes to life.

The section on diet looked at the types of foods eaten on most days, the number of portions of fruit and vegetables consumed each day, where young people ate their main meal and also asked for their height and weight.

The results showed that:

•The most popular foods eaten on most days by local teenagers are dairy foods, bread, fruit and vegetables. However 37% said they ate sweets and chocolates and 35% said they ate crisps on most days.

•Fewer than a quarter of teenagers ate five or more portions of fruit and vegetables on the day before the survey.

•A quarter of teenage girls ate nothing at all before lessons on the day before the survey.

•43% of year six girls and 63% of year 10 girls said they would like to lose weight.

•28% of year 10 boys said they never considered their health when choosing what to eat.

•40% of those surveyed ate their evening meal at the table with their family and not watching TV.

•19% of year 10 boys and 11% of year 10 girls were overweight or obese (although this may be under-reported as a high proportion of pupils did not answer questions about their weight and height).

Health Promotion Manager Yvonne Le Page said the results on food choices were generally 'very positive', with young people reporting that they eat a fairly balanced diet. 'However, the percentage eating five or more portions of fruit and vegetables each day is still relatively low and more than a third are eating crisps and sweets on most days.' (from CTV)

So who's to blame?

Are parents interested in thier childrens health or is it just give what they want to keep them quite?

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