Printing error at Income Tax

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Printing error at Income Tax

Post by GD on Wed 19 Jan 2011, 8:09 am

There's been a printing error on some Guernsey 2010 Personal Income Tax Returns.

Some addresses have been printed off centre and on some the tax reference number may not be completely legible.

A spokesperson for the Income Tax Office said: "There appears to have been a number of personal tax returns issued this year where the address and tax reference number are not exactly in the right place. Unfortunately, in some cases it appears that the tax reference number may also be illegible. This is purely a printing error and is extremely unfortunate. With the personalisation of over 40,000 tax returns each year it is not possible for them to be individually checked before issue.

"If anyone has received a return where the reference number is not clearly shown, on the top right hand corner of the return, it would assist us in dealing with their return as promptly as possible if they could hand write their tax reference number on the return before it is sent to the Tax Office. The tax reference number can be found on coding notices or any other income tax correspondence. We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused and we are taking steps, with our printers, to make sure that this remains an isolated incident."

The printing error only affects individuals' returns and not those sent to companies. (from CTV)

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