Polystyrene could become benches

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Polystyrene could become benches

Post by GD on Wed 29 Dec 2010, 6:02 pm

Polystyrene recycled in Guernsey could end up as benches around the island's coast.
Recycled cups and packaging are compressed and sent to the UK, where it is turned into other products.
Malcolm Cleal, from States Works, said: "It's mixed with other recycled plastic and reimported as artificial wood to make picnic benches and things."
He said: "It's very solid, it's very resistant to vandalism and it won't catch fire very readily at all." (from BBC)

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Re: Polystyrene could become benches

Post by bug1 on Thu 30 Dec 2010, 3:25 pm

If we'ed let Mr Brouard go ahead with his offer of recycling we would'n't have had to send it off island!!!!!!!

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