Getting to grips with the birds

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Getting to grips with the birds

Post by GD on Wed 15 Dec 2010, 10:39 pm

Most garden birds eat insects and seeds - all of which are in short supply this winter.

So if you want to keep the birds happy this Christmas then it's quite easy to do and you don't have to break the bank. They like nuts, seedmix or these things - Fat Snax. Otherwise known as fatballs.

We went and spoke to Jersey's favourite bird watcher Mike Stentiford, who gave us a few handy hints for looking after our feathered friends.

He said: "If there is a layer of snow, it's no good just throwing the seed or the food outside it's just gonna go down to the bottom and the birds are not going to find it so what I do when there's snow, and we had it quite recently, is just to clear a little area or two or three areas in fact, just put a few scraps down and the birds will appreciate it and at the end of the day of course at the end of March and April next year, we'll get the benefit because we'll get the full-blooded dawn chorus and that wonderful birdsong that we all look forward to hearing."

And it's not just about putting food in their little bellies, they love birdboxes.

"At this time of year when it's very very cold overnight you'll often see bluetits, greytits even wrens that will use a sort of overnight accommodation shall I say, so yes it's good to have a few nest boxes out - most important I would say is water - fresh water always difficult when there's ice and there's snow about but it really really is essential, not just for drinking but to keep their feathers in very very good condition."

We've already had a taste of what winter has to offer and we know it's going to be no picnic, but if you spare a few crumbs for our friends in the sky, perhaps we can all benefit from a bit of Christmas cheer. (from CTV)

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