Concerns over Alderney housing development

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Concerns over Alderney housing development

Post by GD on Wed 15 Dec 2010, 11:49 am

Islanders in Alderney have expressed concern over plans to build 36 homes.

Blue Horizon has applied to develop properties at the Grand Site after a long-running consultation with the Building and Development Control Committee.

The developers expect the project to take three to five years but some locals dont share the companys optimism.

But at last night's People's Meeting recently elected States member Ray Berry said: Im worried as there are so many properties for sale at the moment. It could take longer than five years for this project to be completed.

Also, if this does go ahead there will be 36 vehicles on that site. Is there going to be off-road or on-road parking? We have a problem in town at the moment, to the point Im concerned emergency vehicles may find they are blocked.

Carole Neill said: Im very much against passing 36 homes for someone who works off-island. To pass it would be stupid and any bank that lends the money is stupid.

Meeting convener John Beaman said: I share your concerns. There will be States members who make their positions clear at the next meeting.

The fisheries green paper was also discussed, while Louis Jean accused the States of failing to consult the public on plans to increase oil pipeline fees at Braye Harbour. Mr Jean said the indirect tax had pushed peoples electricity bills higher.

Chief executive Roy Burke said the fees had been increased to pay for harbour costs but would be reviewed in the near future.
(from CTV)

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