Guernsey gets it right again or maybe not ?

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Guernsey gets it right again or maybe not ?

Post by boatyboy on Wed 01 Dec 2010, 12:06 am

People have aspirations and dreams and a better life planned, take those away and why get out of bed ? This means a ladder of life or to put it another way maybe a bigger house, car you decide we are all different. What happens if all the big and lets face it dream properties are bought out by wealthy immigrants. So are we using them or are they taking serious advantage of softer tax laws ( no inheritance tax etc ) to the detriment of the islands community spirit. Are they bottle necking (outbidding) the Guernsey business classes, I can see the sense of having rich immigrants flashing credit cards with no limit, but I can also see the negative side. I offer this for debate.

Published in Jersey today, please read full article.

Guernsey clearly sees the bigger picture, placing less importance on tax revenue but calculating the benefits from wealthy people living in their island, which is an advertisement in itself, to say nothing of the benefits from spending large sums of money on their houses, investing in the islandís activities, donating to local causes, tax planning for their businesses, personal wealth and day to day living.

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