"Miracle Mineral" Food supplement warning

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"Miracle Mineral" Food supplement warning

Post by GD on Tue 30 Nov 2010, 8:47 pm

Islanders in Jersey are being warned about the risks of a food supplement available online called Miracle Mineral Solution.

Jersey's Health Protection officials have joined health protection officials worldwide in urgently warning people not to consume the product, also known as Miracle Mineral Supplement.

Anyone in possession of the product is urged to dispose of it. Anyone who has taken the product and feels unwell should consult their doctor.

MMS claims to treat everything from HIV and hepatitis, to acne and cancer.

Online the product is described as a liquid that is 28% sodium chloride in distilled water. Once it's mixed as directed, with citric acid- such as lemon or lime juice- it produces chlorine dioxide, a powerful bleaching agent.

Acting Medical Officer of Health, Susan Turnbull said: "Taking this product as directed can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, symptoms of severe dehydration and low blood pressure. If the solution is diluted less than instructed, it could cause damage to the gut and red blood cells, potentially resulting in respiratory failure."

"We are not aware that it has ever been sold locally, but I am concerned it is still widely available on the Internet. I would urge people to heed all the warnings and not to buy, or consume it. Anyone who is aware of MMS being sold in Jersey should contact the Public Protection Team in the Public Health Department on 443780. Anyone who has taken it should consult their own doctor." (from CTV)

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