New December schedule for Condor Vitesse

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New December schedule for Condor Vitesse

Post by GD on Mon 29 Nov 2010, 6:24 pm

Condor Vitesse sailings between Jersey and St Malo have been re-timed to an amended schedule until mid-December, affecting 17 departures.

Changes to the original sailings aren't expected to amount to more than 15 or 30 minutes.

The amendments are in force until the return of the Condor Rapide to the route.

The Rapide has been out of action due to engine failure. It was thought that repair work could have been carried out in situe, but the manufactureres have now advised that the repair can only be done in a dry dock.

Simon Edsall, Managing Director of Condor Ferries, said: “We apologise if this affects customers’ planned journeys. However, we believe that it is preferable to continue to run this lifeline service between the Islands and St Malo at a slower speed rather than to withdraw the service entirely.

“All our fast ferries are refitted each winter with several million pounds invested yearly in maintaining and improving the ships from the engine rooms and superstructure to the passenger cabins. We are also planning on changes to our operation next year to minimise the likelihood of these technical problems reoccurring.”

Passengers who would require more information of these re-timed services should check the Condor Ferries website, contact the Central Reservations Team on 0845 609 1026 or their local port office. (from CTV)

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Re: New December schedule for Condor Vitesse

Post by Digger on Sun 09 Jan 2011, 4:39 pm

Just been looking at the time table for Jan / Feb 2011 its diabolical You cannot get a day trip either to jersey or uk , one trip lets you stay in the mainland for 15 mins that providing you travel on Thursday night overnight it then you have to travel back 15 mis after it arrives in the uk meaning you would the spend 24hrs on the clipper , and as far as i can see fast ferry only travels twice a week .

Its about time the states
threw these amateurs out and got a company that knows how to run a travel company.

urge all not to even travel with this crew.

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Re: New December schedule for Condor Vitesse

Post by Thistle on Mon 10 Jan 2011, 8:19 am

easier said than done digger as we have no option but to use condor to travel with vehicle to the uk...sadly the states let the better company slip away and followed jersey in allowing condor the licence instead of p&o x

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Re: New December schedule for Condor Vitesse

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