Wiz Kid: 13 year old has fantasy novel published

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Wiz Kid: 13 year old has fantasy novel published

Post by GD on Fri 19 Nov 2010, 2:53 pm

While most teenagers spend their summer holidays avoiding the books, one Guernsey teenager has been doing exactly the opposite.

13 year old Toni Mauger has written her first novel and has just had it published.

A mythical fantasy tale of wizards and vampires, 'Moonlight Eclipse' is aimed directly at her age group.

Toni wrote the book in just one month last summer. She said: "It's about a boy that's in an orphanage and he's cut off from the outside world and he has to kill his uncle, because his uncle's killed his dad. He has to take his place on his throne and he makes loads of friends along the way."

Just 12 when she wrote the novel, Toni says she didn't want to waste her time on Facebook. Instead she used her imagination to create something much more exciting. She added: "You can't really do anything that's in the book. And it's what I've always dreamed to do."

200 copies of Moonlight Eclipse have been printed by local company Melody Press Printers.

Adrian Tostevin from Melody Press said: "Kids usually get a very bad press these days and to find somebody who had spent a lot of their free time writing a really interesting book meant that we wanted to do initially about a dozen copies just for her and her family. But when we read the book we realised that it was quite exciting, a really interesting story. And there was a broader public out there that we wanted to have the chance to purchase the book and read it for themselves."

Once readers have done that, they shouldn't have to wait too long for the sequel. Toni has already started work on 'Rising of the Sun'. (from CTV)

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