Policewomen hurt at KGV

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Policewomen hurt at KGV

Post by Dell on Mon 15 Nov 2010, 7:34 pm

Two female police officers were hurt when called to a party at the KGV clubhouse.

A FEMALE police officer needed morphine and surgery after allegedly being assaulted at the King George V clubhouse on Saturday night.

The woman was injured after she and colleagues, acting on information received, went to a private function at the clubhouse.

The officer approached a man at the 18th birthday party in connection with their investigations and an incident occurred.

Inspector Jane Henaghen said: ‘She was forcibly pushed away… causing her to stumble and injure her ankle. She sustained a dislocated and broken ankle, which will require surgery.’

A second female police officer was also hurt while attending the function, at Rue Cohu, Castel.

Read more: http://www.thisisguernsey.com/2010/11/15/policewomen-hurt-at-kgv/#ixzz15NhyePGB


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Re: Policewomen hurt at KGV

Post by Digger on Tue 16 Nov 2010, 6:27 am

From what i have been told from someone who was there , a club member said there was a birthday party on the next thing there was about 15-20 police officers running all over the place , they closed the bar at 10;30 and all this was because one of the private party was out while on a curfew . It has been said it was very much overkill by the police . They are questioning why it takes 20 coppers to arrest one nipper .

It begs the question could they handled it better ?

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Re: Policewomen hurt at KGV

Post by Thistle on Tue 16 Nov 2010, 9:06 am

yes it prob was overkill but the youth was on a curfew and knew the police would know where he was if he was tagged x

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Re: Policewomen hurt at KGV

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