Planning under way for Guernsey public sector job cuts

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Planning under way for Guernsey public sector job cuts

Post by GD on Sat 13 Nov 2010, 3:23 pm

THE States is making plans for potential redundancies within the public sector next year, Treasury has revealed.
Yesterday’s Budget announcement highlighted a number of current reviews of staffing levels within departments and Treasury minister Charles Parkinson confirmed there would be money available to cover the cost of redundancies if they were warranted.
He suggested in the Budget report that there was the potential for States departments to operate with fewer staff either through worker redeployment, natural wastage, or redundancy.
‘There are a number of current and planned reviews of departments’ staffing structures as well as opportunities for potentially devolving some functions to the private sector, which would result in some posts no longer being required,’ Deputy Parkinson (pictured) said in the report. (from BBC)

The days of a "safe" job working with the States are about to dissappear...

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Re: Planning under way for Guernsey public sector job cuts

Post by ted on Sun 14 Nov 2010, 10:09 am

seems the States want to jump on the bandwagon to shed staff. It will be interesting to know the ratio between civil servants to manual workers, I think we all know which group will be the hardest hit.

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