Praise for Alderney's States

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Praise for Alderney's States

Post by Dell on Thu 11 Nov 2010, 7:59 pm

Alderney's States were praised for pledging to freeze occupiers' rates at Wednesday night's people's meeting.

Ray Berry said: "I would like to congratulate the States on not increasing the rates. In difficult times, with unemployment rising, people do not have the level of disposable income they used to."

Convener Boyd Kelly said: "I believe all members are mindful and aware of the position of the populous here, hence the decision to keep it as it is."

Mr Berry also praised the General Services Committee for recommending that Alderney Shipping retains the seven-year inter-island freight and passenger contract.

He said: "I am quite happy Alderney Shipping has got the contract the company has served us well over the years. What concerns me is the long-term viability there are two other ships coming into the harbour and some of the freight is coming direct from the mainland."

Mr Kelly said it wasn't for him to comment on what competition exists in the shipping industry.

On a negative note, Harold Bull said various firearms fees were excessive, and much more expensive than those in Guernsey and the UK.

Chief executive Roy Burke advised Mr Bull the fees were levied to cover administrative costs.

The next States meeting will take place on 17th November at the Courthouse from 5.30pm.

From Channel TV.

Good for Alderney! Do we have any Alderney forum members who would like to comment?


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