Guernsey: Thousands of pounds raised in bomb disposal suit

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Guernsey: Thousands of pounds raised in bomb disposal suit

Post by Dell on Thu 04 Nov 2010, 7:41 pm

PC Allan walked from the Bridge to Town in the suit. It may not be seen very often by the public but Guernsey police have a special suit designed for bomb disposal operations.

In October 2010 PC Stuart Allan took the suit out on the island's streets to raise money for Help For Heroes. He said the 50kg (110lbs) suit is lined with "ceramic plates and kevlar" and is designed to "give you some confidence dismantling explosive devices."

The walk from The Bridge to Town raised almost 2,000 for the charity.

The suit is made in three parts: trousers with plates in the feet, shins, knees, thighs and back; a jacket with plates in the stomach, chest and arms and a helmet with visor that has its own air conditioning unit.

This means the suit is a challenge to walk in and PC Allan expected the walk along Guernsey's east coast to take a few hours to complete.

He explained that the island's police have two bomb disposal suits; the main one that was used for the challenge and a spare. Training in their use comes from the British Army.

PC Allan said: "Guernsey Police are the only force in the British Isles that has serving officers that are bomb disposal officers as well as police officers... elsewhere it's done by the military."

The suit blocks much visibility as well as weighing almost 50kg. The reason for choosing Help For Heroes as the charity stemmed from this training, PC Allan said: "Its a chance to pay a bit of money back and say thanks for the training and we're thinking about you all the time."

He also said that having served in the first Gulf War in the early 1990s he can appreciate the need for the charity's work.

From BBC

Well done to those who took part in the interests of charity.


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