How can you find ghosts in Herm?

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How can you find ghosts in Herm?

Post by GD on Tue 02 Nov 2010, 6:52 pm

The team use radio equipment amongst their tools

In the eyes of most Herm is a sunny summer place, but for a team of local paranormal investigators they think it may be home to something more.
In October 2010 they spent a few weeks investigating places around the island to see what they would find.
Investigator, Paul Jackson, said when they visited a cottage where people had felt uneasy their recording devices picked up some speech.
The team used various pieces of equipment to perform their search.
This included a Trifield Meter, which is used to detect whether something is trying to touch it and what Paul referred to as a"ghostbox".

Paul said the white spot (right door) was the sort of evidence they found

He explained: "It's essentially a radio that's been modified so that as it scans through the frequencies it shouldn't tune into anything so all you get is noise... anything spiritual is supposed to be able to use the voices on the radio to answer questions."
Paul did explain, should any single piece of their equipment pick up anything, they don't jump to conclusions but: "Set up the rest of our equipment and conduct experiments to see if there is anything there."
The audio that is picked up by the "ghostbox" is recorded and they use an RF meter to pick up other changes in the radio waves in the atmosphere which are also recorded.
Paul said: "Nine times out of 10 you don't hear anything at the time, it's when you play back and analyse that you pick up voices."

More photographic evidence was recorded in St Tugual's Church

The claims of paranormal investigators are often met with incredulity and derision and Paul did admit: "The thing with the supernatural and the paranormal is that science can't explain it, so nobody knows what it is or what's out there, or really how to investigate it."
But, he did say: "We look at it scientifically so we go through the results and analyse the audio, but we'll then let other people listen and not tell them what they're listening to and see what they come back with."
From their results in Herm the team claim to have recorded a voice telling them to, "go, get out, go away", in a cottage as well as recording light anomalies in both still and video photography of the same area.
The team will be spending a weekend on the island, centring on the White House Hotel, in mid-November when they hope to discover even more ghostly goings on. (from BBC)

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Re: How can you find ghosts in Herm?

Post by karma on Tue 02 Nov 2010, 10:31 pm

That is my Grand dad .....................Herm was his birthplace - so it's only natural ....................

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