Jersey humanist says state schools are 'too Christian'

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Jersey humanist says state schools are 'too Christian'

Post by GD on Mon 01 Nov 2010, 5:47 pm

A Jersey humanist has said that religion in Jersey schools is too biased towards Christianity.
Reg Le Sueur, a founding member of the Jersey Humanist Association, said it is right to teach religion in the island's primary schools.
But he said religious worship should not be forced on them.
Under the curriculum taught in local primary schools, each pupil should have an act of worship in school at least once a week.
The States of Jersey syllabus says the act of worship should be broadly Christian in nature.
Parents who are not happy with their children taking part in the acts of religious worship do have the right to pull children out of assemblies if they give the head teacher notice.
We spoke to a number of people on the streets of St Helier for their views on whether religious worship should be compulsory in primary schools.
One woman said: "If they don't believe in Christianity like we do and that, I suppose they have the right to pull them out."

Most people have heard of Jesus but I wonder how many have heard of Socrates for instance.

Reg le Sueur

And a man told us: "I think the assembly is the right of school to hold that if they want to.
"Should it be compulsory? I think that should be up to the school, then the parents can decide if they want to send their children to that school."
And another woman said: "I don't think they should teach religion as such, but biblical knowledge and background knowledge on religion, that's a good thing."
Reg le Sueur said that he objects to one religion being represented above others.
He said: "What I object to is an area of parochial indoctrination with one particular theology and in our part of the world that means Christianity.
"It should be part of a general cultural system. I don't think we hear enough of classical philosophy for instance.
"Most people have heard of Jesus but I wonder how many have heard of Socrates for instance." (from BBC)

Should religious worship be compulsory in primary schools?
Should there be hymns in assemblies?
Should parents have the right to pull their children out of religious sections of the syllabus?

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Re: Jersey humanist says state schools are 'too Christian'

Post by bug1 on Wed 03 Nov 2010, 7:26 pm

As Bill S. said"Much ado about nothing"
Although an atheist I see no harm in teaching christanity or any other religion.For most religions teach love and forgiveness.It is only when adults try and interpret any religion to mostly fundamentalist beliefs that the trouble starts.Extreme christians and muslims are the problem not a few verses of "All things bright and beautiful"

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