Guess who's back in the media spotlight ?

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Guess who's back in the media spotlight ?

Post by ploughman on Sun 31 Oct 2010, 1:07 pm

interesting to see in the comments, that there is not a single remark from guernsey, apart from one mentioning that UK benefits do not apply here, as usual the Mail does not post the ones that tell the real story about this family.

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Re: Guess who's back in the media spotlight ?

Post by Thistle on Sun 31 Oct 2010, 2:55 pm

when is this woman gonna stop producing kids..think she has cost guernsey taxpayers more than enough already x

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Re: Guess who's back in the media spotlight ?

Post by kat on Sun 31 Oct 2010, 3:47 pm

I sent in something from guernsey but it was removed lol

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Re: Guess who's back in the media spotlight ?

Post by GD on Sun 31 Oct 2010, 3:48 pm

Another child to be brought up funded by the Guernsey Taxpayer..

......THE BOSS......

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Re: Guess who's back in the media spotlight ?

Post by Total Waste on Sun 31 Oct 2010, 5:40 pm

I think they have identified the problem with this woman.
Has unprotected sex and is shocked and he is bemused, that she is pregnant.
You would think she would have worked out how pregnancy happens by now.
But obviously not.

Total Waste

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Re: Guess who's back in the media spotlight ?

Post by GD on Sun 31 Oct 2010, 6:32 pm

Story from the daily mail in full..
To look at Joanne Watson, you would never
guess she was almost five months ­pregnant with her 16th child.

She totters around in her high-heeled boots
and size 4 skinny jeans, her make-up just so and not a hair out of

She pulls up her chiffon blouse to reveal a
very neat little bump and a brown expanse of taut skin with not a hint of a
stretch mark.

She looks at me as if I am slightly mad when I
ask why she isn't a bit more, well, ragged round the edges.

Full house: Joanne Watson and her fiance Craig Le Sauvage
(centre) with her children who still live at home

'I don't feel any different when I'm
pregnant,' says a bemused Joanne, 39, sitting in her neat-as-a-pin
four-bedroomed home in Guernsey.

'I just get on with it. It's no big deal. I
just bounce back. I really enjoy pregnancy and have loads of energy. I'm never

Besides, as Joanne explains, she never puts on
more than a stone when she's expecting a baby and simply pings back to her
normal 7st weight after the birth — a bit like all those celebrity yummy

Joanne, however, manages to do this on a diet
liberally sprinkled with crisps and chocolate and without the help of a personal
trainer or so much as seeing the inside of a gym.

How on earth does she juggle looking so
­effortlessly glamorous with the exhausting demands of such a large brood — the
youngest of whom are just four, three and 22 months old?

She gives me another rather ­disconcerting
'what are you talking about?' looks. Thirty-five packed lunches a week? So what.
Fifty-six ­laundry washes a month? No problem. Endless nappies? Used to them.
Squabbling children? Yes. And? 'I'm very organised,' she says.

Only this time, her 16th pregnancy is rather
different. For starters, all her children are blonde and she is expecting this
one to be dark-haired when he or she is born in March next year. You see, it
turns out there has been a dramatic change of personnel on the domestic front.

First born: Joanne's eldest children Shanice,18, Bradley,
20, and Natasha, 21, have all moved out

For Joanne split from her husband, John, 45,
two years ago when she was seven months' pregnant with their youngest child,

She'd spent almost half of their 22-year
­marriage pregnant and regularly appeared in the papers, under the title
Supermum, posing with a proud John and their ­strikingly ­attractive

But, behind the veneer of their seemingly
happy family life, all was not well and there were bitter rows.

John worked all hours as a haulier and both of
them felt increasingly neglected by the other. She claims he started drinking
too much as their marriage unravelled - an ­accusation he denies.

When their relationship finally­ ­collapsed in
2008, Joanne thought baby Indianna would be her last and resigned herself to
life as a rather busy single parent and grandparent to her ­eldest daughters'
two sons.

Then, in June, she started a ­relationship
with leisure centre events co-ordinator Craig Le ­Sauvage, 34, who was her
next-door neighbour 15 years ago when she was the young mother of a mere four

It was only meant to be a casual ­summer

Well, that's what he thought, ­anyway. But
three weeks after their first date, Joanne was - to her ­surprise and his
stunned shock - pregnant again.

Today, they are engaged and Craig is not only
­looking forward to ­becoming a father for the first time, but facing the
­daunting prospect of becoming stepdad to Joanne's ­enormous brood.

So who could blame Craig for ­having the look
of a ­rabbit trapped in the headlights as he sits down next to his future wife
to talk for the first time of this momentous turn in his fortunes?

Happy families: Joanne at home with ten of her children
and expectant dad Craig

Few men, no matter how much in love, would
relish the thought of a £1,340 monthly family food bill when used to catering
for just the one.

Or, indeed, be willing to take on so many
children whose loyalties may remain with their father. But Craig insists he is
up to the ­challenge. This, despite the fact he is not yet living with Joanne
and has absolutely no idea what he is ­letting himself in for.

A born-again Christian, Craig is not intending
to move in with Joanne — and the 11 children still living at home — until they
are married. ­

Hopefully, the wedding will be before the
birth, because he wants their child to be born in wedlock.

It's quite some learning curve and he listens
very intently as Joanne ­rattles off the names of her children. There's Natasha,
21, Bradley, 20, and Shanice, 18, who have now left home.

Then there's Mariah, 15, Georgia, 13, Caitlin, 11, Brittany, 10, Febrianne, nine, Charlie, eight, Lilly-Arna, seven, Nerilly-Jade, six, Armani, four, ­Tallulah, three, and Indianna, 22 months. Joanne's fourth child ­Augustina was born prematurely and died 20 hours after her birth.

And did we mention that Natasha has a
five-year-old son, while ­Shanice's son is 14 months old? Craig will become
step-grandfather to them, too. Quite an undertaking and not one Craig ever

So in love: Craig is about to become a

'When I first met Joanne 15 years ago, when
she lived next door to me, I used to think how good-looking she was and what a
lovely figure she had,' says Craig.

'Then, this year, when she started to come to
the leisure centre where I work, I'd stop and say hello. I was struck by how
good she still looked. One evening she flagged me down in the car park as I was
about to drive home and blurted out: “Are you with anyone?' When I said “no',
she replied: “Well, when are you going to ask me out for a drink?' I took her
phone number and texted her the next day.

'I'd always found her attractive. I knew she
had lots of kids because I'd read about her and I'd heard she had split up from
her husband.

'To be honest, in the beginning, I thought it
would just be a casual ­relationship, nothing serious, so it came as a complete
shock when she told me she was pregnant after just three weeks.

'At first, I was a bit embarrassed and worried
about what people would say. But I've come round to the idea now. Joanne's a
lovely person and a very good mother, which is important to me because I had an
unhappy childhood and was never close to my mum.

'I just thought: “If I'm happy, what does it
matter what other people think?'

'We haven't been together long, but I do love
her very much. Now, I can't imagine life without her. I feel ­something special
with her.'

Craig proposed to Joanne earlier this month,
three days after her divorce was finalised, by dangling her over the harbour
railings at St Peter Port and jokingly threatening to drop her in the sea unless
she said yes.

So he must be pretty serious.

'Of course, I'm nervous about ­becoming a
stepfather to so many ­children, but they are great kids and I am not trying to
replace their father. They already have a dad, so I am just ­looking for
acceptance and ­friendship,' he says.

Joanne, flashing a sapphire and ­diamond
engagement ring, adds: 'When Craig lived next door all those years ago, I always
thought what a nice person he was and how well he treated his girlfriend. He was
very kind, ­treating her as an equal.

'When I saw him again at the leisure centre, I
thought: “He's cute.' So when I spotted him in the car park I acted on impulse,
running over and flagging him down. I never thought it would lead to this. I was
shocked when I got ­pregnant because it wasn't planned. I'd had an operation in
February to remove fibroids and thought I wouldn't be able to conceive so easily
again, but I knew the minute I was, even though I wasn't yet late with my

'I developed a spot on my nose and I only ever
get spots when I'm ­pregnant. When I phoned Craig to tell him, he said: “Are you
mad?' But I knew. A few days later, he came round with a pregnancy test and
after a nice meal we went upstairs together to find out for certain.'

Craig continues: 'My heart lurched with shock.
I did find it all a bit daunting and it took me a while to accept the situation.

'I told Joanne I thought it would be best if
we split up because of how people talk and Joanne offered to have a
­termination, if that was what I wanted. But, after a while, I came around. I
didn't want her to have an abortion, as I don't agree with it. I ­realised I
wanted to have a baby with Joanne and for us to be a ­couple.

'In fact, if she'd told me she didn't want any
more children, I probably would have dropped her.'

All well and good, but what of Joanne's
children? One minute their mother was single, the next she not only had a new
boyfriend but was expecting his baby. She is also ­bringing into their lives a
man who admits he's had a ­troubled past.

Craig says his ­abusive childhood, at the
hands of his late mother Elaine, led him in the past to dabble with drugs. He
spent two terms in prison ­during his youth for drugs ­possession and theft, but
says he's not touched drugs since ­undergoing ­rehabilitation six years ago with
the Lighthouse Foundation, a Christian charity which helps drug abusers.

He says he has completely turned his life
around. Craig doesn't like to dwell on the past, but it's been widely reported
that his older brother was convicted in 2007 for the manslaughter of their
mother Elaine on the grounds of ­diminished responsibility.

The court heard he was suffering from mental
illness when he ­strangled the 49-year-old; like Craig, he claimed she was

Joanne knows all this but appears to have
absolutely no concerns about Craig's suitability as a step-parent.

'Everyone has a past, ­no one's ­perfect, we
all have skeletons in the cupboard,' she says blithely.

'Craig is a kind, gentle person who has
overcome whatever ­problems he has had. What I do know is he treats me with
respect, makes me laugh and is wonderful with my children.

'He is the first man I have ever brought home
since my marriage ended and my kids really like and get on well with him. He is
not their dad; they already have a dad and Craig would never want to replace

'The first time my daughter Mariah met him,
she looked up from her ­laptop and gave me a thumbs up when Craig wasn't
­looking. Not one of my children has said they don't like him.'

Indeed, as we are talking, Joanne's eldest son
Bradley, a professional boxer, wanders in and appears to have a relaxed, amiable
­relationship with his stepfather-to-be.

'I'm happy if my mum's happy,' he says, before
adding: 'Craig's OK.'

These days Joanne and her ­ex-­husband John
try to remain ­amicable for the sake of the ­children, but she accepts he was
desperately upset and angry when she ended the ­marriage.

Recently, she and Craig met up with John and
his new ­girlfriend and the event passed without argument, despite obvious

'Right up until our divorce, John was trying
to get back with me, to persuade me to have another baby,' says Joanne, who is,
unsurprisingly, a full-time mother. 'Looking back, I think for John having
babies was his way of trying to bring us closer and paper over the cracks in our

'I was happy to go along with it because I
love being pregnant and having children.'

John last night told the Mail he desperately
wanted his marriage to work so that they could remain a family and was initially
devastated and furious when his wife ended the relationship, before then
becoming pregnant by Craig.

'We were together for 22 years and I worked
24/7 to support my family because I loved my wife and kids. Joanne is
one-in-a-million and a ­brilliant mother, but over time ­something happened to
cause our love to break down.

'I thought it could be repaired, but she
didn't,' he says.

'When I found out she was ­pregnant again, I
felt so hurt because deep down I still loved her and felt the baby should be
mine. Now, I have come to terms with it. I have a new partner and life has moved

'Craig seems a nice guy and I know Joanne
loves him. If they get ­married, I'll take my hat off to him for taking on such
a large family.

'When I went round there last ­Sunday and saw
all my kids ­climbing over him and laughing I did feel upset, but it's better
they are happy with him than not.

'I hope Joanne and Craig will be happy
together and I wish them well, but I am my children's father and I will always

So, a new baby. Number one for Craig, but
number 16 for Joanne.

She knows what to expect, but does

(from dailymail)

......THE BOSS......

"Always be yourself because the people who mind don't matter, and the people who matter don't mind"


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Re: Guess who's back in the media spotlight ?

Post by Spirit on Sun 31 Oct 2010, 6:33 pm

poor kids

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Re: Guess who's back in the media spotlight ?

Post by Dell on Sun 31 Oct 2010, 6:48 pm

Oh dear, if they all follow mum's example the tax payer is in for a big hit!!!!

Get that woman contraception now......


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Re: Guess who's back in the media spotlight ?

Post by kat on Sun 31 Oct 2010, 8:33 pm

Another black hole that need filling and is costing us tax payers money

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Re: Guess who's back in the media spotlight ?

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