Guernsey introduces new vetting scheme

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Guernsey introduces new vetting scheme

Post by Dell on Fri 29 Oct 2010, 6:05 pm

Full criminal records bureau checks have been introduced for people working with children or vulnerable adults in Guernsey.

Previously those checks were carried out by the island's police, but a new organisation called the Guernsey Vetting Bureau has replaced them.

Claire Ely, bureau spokesperson, said the old system was not enough. She said: "The aim is to make sure vulnerable groups and children in our community have the best protection."

From BBC

Guernsey Vetting Bureau
A key responsibility for the Department is to empower local employers to make more informed and ultimately safer recruitment decisions, particularly where an occupation involves contact with children and vulnerable adults or where a higher degree of integrity for a role is required (e.g. law enforcement, legal services). Relevant local legislation therefore creates a criminal record check service for Bailiwick employers. This service is currently provided by Guernsey Police and can be used by any local employer that is empowered by the legislation to do so.

Some fundamental changes are due to be introduced to existing employment vetting services in 2010, most notably the establishment of a new relationship between the Bailiwick and the Criminal Records Bureau, a UK-based criminal record check service-provider.
The move to the CRB is an extremely significant step for the Bailiwick and will deliver considerable enhancements to current employment vetting services. Access to the CRB has been pursued by the Department for two reasons:

  1. The existing criminal record chck service currently provided by Guernsey Police is not sustainable in the long-term;
  2. A relationship with the CRB is necessary if the Bailiwick is to participate in the new Vetting & Barring Scheme, a recommendation from this Department that was accepted by the States of Guernsey on Thursday 1st October 2009.

The Home Department, in conjunction with Guernsey Police, is establishing the new Guernsey Vetting Bureau to deliver improved employment vetting services in conjunction with the Criminal Records Bureau (‘the CRB’).

Further information on the changes to local employment vetting services are contained in these pages.

An Information Pack – ‘Safer Communities: Building a Safer Workforce’ – has also been prepared by this Department to fully outline the changes in a Q&A format, and this document is available under the Downloads section.

From States of Guernsey site

What do you think of this initiative?



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