Tree planting volunteers needed

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Tree planting volunteers needed

Post by GD on Sun 24 Oct 2010, 8:15 pm

Islanders in Alderney are being challenged to set a new local record for tree planting.

Work on creating a 'national forest' for the island began earlier this year when 70 volunteers planted 1,100 saplings in just five hours.

Saturday 4 December is the date set for the next phase of planting and this time it's hoped to root in 1,500.

Over the next four years the Alderney Community Woodland project aims to double the existing area of tree cover in Alderney. Eventually all of the island's woods will be connected.

Over time, this will create a wooded backbone linking woodland pockets from Bonne Terre Valley to the gardens of St Anne and the sheltered slopes of Barrack Masters Lane.

By the end, more than 2,500 trees will
be planted and by 2014 the island will witness the largest landscape change in over 60 years.

The December planting will need the entire community to come together as a whole. Work will be lead by the dozen local volunteers and a group from the Guernsey Conservation Volunteers (GCV), who have paid their own way to fly up to Alderney and lend a helping hand.

The session will be undertaken in two stages, with a picnic lunch available for anyone who is willing to work the whole day. The work is not very heavy and all ages can give it a go.

There will also be the opportunity to have a look around the new areas cleared on the site, discuss ideas for the continued development of the ACW and walk the outlined route for the historic woodland trail.

You can come for just half an hour or stay for
the day - its up to you. After the planting it is planned to hold an open meeting to give people the chance to comment on the ACW's development.

Roland Gauvain said: 'The ACW is not simply about creating a woodland on Alderney.

'As we continue to develop the ACW we have begun to see it as a living, evolving, entity, and a focal point for our community playing a vital role in Alderney's Future:

1 - Alderney's wooded backbone; a stronghold for wildlife, bridging the gaps between existing habitats; helping to protect our island's environment for the future.

2 - The heart for our community; welcoming the people of Alderney to use it and offering a new perspective on our island life and what its environment can offer.

3 - The sinew that sustains and binds our island; helping Alderney preserve and develop its renewable assets and making our island a sustainable place for the future
(from CTV)

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tree planting project

Post by angmeringpat on Tue 29 Mar 2011, 11:44 am

Hi all, have joined forum following a lovely 4 day break over there. Am very intrested in your tree planting project as have actually just started one here in our village - having a community tree planting day of around 400 trees, just the week before we came to visit.

My aim while over there was to find someone connected to this and have a chat, but alas, it was husbands first visit and I needed to show him as much of the island as possible and we just simply ran out of time. wondering, is there anyone there who woud be willing to contact me to let me know how it is progressing?
One particluar interest is watering. I am sure you will not be watering and wonder what your losses (if any) have been.
Any advice from your experiences would also be welcome.

Many thanks.


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