Ken Blocks Gymkhana ... Part2...

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Ken Blocks Gymkhana ... Part2...

Post by GD on Fri 24 Sep 2010, 6:06 pm

Ken Block's Gymkhana videos are clearly set the tone for all motorsports videos worldwide. And possibly other than Top Gear's production value, Block's Gymkhana videos have been the most entertaining and sought out videos possibly of all time. After a disappointing part 1 release that didn't even feature much of anything motorsports related, part 2 has been dropped out all over the Internet and it's pretty much close to 8 minutes of sheer entertainment. Our only major complaint is the lack of music to go with it, but motor heads will certainly enjoy the sheer sound of the Ford Fiesta ripping through all 650 plus horses.

Check out the video...

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Re: Ken Blocks Gymkhana ... Part2...

Post by Alpy on Fri 24 Sep 2010, 6:40 pm

The Gymkhana 3 Ford Fiesta started life as a US-spec Fiesta, but has been converted by Olsbergs Motorsport Evolution - the same group that runs Block’s Rally America program - which has installed a custom-built engine and a six-speed sequential gearbox.

The end result is a Fiesta capable of putting out up to 838bhp - though it has been detuned to 641bhp in order to give Block the torque band he needs to keep the car under control - and 660 lb ft of torque from 4000 rpm. It takes just two seconds to rocket Block from 0-60 mph. The more aggressive bodywork also improves aerodynamics somewhat, though it still looks impressively close to the road car.

In his own words, Block’s new Fiesta has been set up as ‘a car for tarmac that handles as if it’s on gravel,’ which is another way of saying that this supercar-slaying supermini will offer almost no grip whatsoever. Definitely a far cry from the Fiesta you’ll see on British roads, then.

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Re: Ken Blocks Gymkhana ... Part2...

Post by Dell on Fri 24 Sep 2010, 7:15 pm

Awesome.... I want one!!!


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Re: Ken Blocks Gymkhana ... Part2...

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