Could Jersey become independent?

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Could Jersey become independent?

Post by GD on Sat 18 Sep 2010, 12:42 am

An expert in Crown Dependencies' international relations said Jersey could benefit from being able to represent itself internationally.

At the moment the UK speaks for Jersey on international matters and in Europe.

But Professor Alastair Sutton, in Jersey speaking on the subject of independence, said Jersey could have a stronger voice as a sovereign state.

He said: "It would be far simpler I think if Jersey has the authority to speak for itself internationally."

Mr Sutton told BBC Jersey that it was difficult for the UK to speak on its own behalf in Europe and then have to speak on behalf of Jersey.

He argues that Jersey would have a stronger voice if it spoke for itself within Europe and with other major players around the world.

"I think in the short term what needs to happen is for there to be a serious discussion between Jersey and the United Kingdom.

"So the United Kingdom with full confidence in Jersey's politicians and civil servants, in a co-operative spirit authorises Jersey to go out and negotiate its own future with the EU, United States, China, Japan and key players around the world." (from BBC)

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Re: Could Jersey become independent?

Post by boatyboy on Sat 18 Sep 2010, 4:10 pm

So the UK have full confidence in Jerseys politicians, do they ?

Whom last week voted to stop kids milk, stop a grant to Durrell for school education trips, close the hypnotherapy pool at the hospital, make redundant three physiotherapist's, a child education psychologist for kids with problems, five school teaching assistants. Also cut important grants to several hard working charities.

The good news, the states voted Jersey Finance £400,000 to open a new office in the far east and the best is yet to come, regarding politicians pay.

JEP Quote

Refusing to even debate a pay freeze for next year, they used a procedural device to block a debate on their 2011 pay, and a £10,000 cut from 2012 onwards.

Read more:

Maybe the United kingdom leaders, should read some of the blogs and local press in order to get a real feeling for the way Jerseys islanders feel about their Government.

A ground swell of public opinion including a new high powered lobby group called the Small Society feel the Jersey States should not tax more until they have reduced the pubic sector ( total cost £317,000,000 in pay, pension and social security cont. ) employment cost.



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