St Helier Constable wants fly tippers prosecuted

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St Helier Constable wants fly tippers prosecuted

Post by GD on Thu 09 Sep 2010, 7:50 am

Constable Crowcroft wants people prosecuted for dumping rubbish The Constable of St Helier has said he is taking steps to prosecute islanders who dump rubbish in the town.

Businesses and individuals who do not leave their rubbish out in suitable containers may also end up in court.

Constable Simon Crowcroft wants repeat offenders prosecuted, which he hopes will act as a deterrent to others.

The Constable has had Eurobins removed from the parish, saying they encouraged people to dump their rubbish next to them.

He said waste rubbish was still being dumped in areas such as Gas Place by those who do not live in town as they are "too lazy" to go to the rubbish tip at Bellozane.

Constable Crowcroft told BBC News: "I think people who do this should be named and shamed as it is a huge cost to our rate payers to clean this up and deal with it."

The Constable said a lot of the rubbish being dumped was not coming from St Helier residents.

He said: "It is coming from people coming into town on the morning commute and choosing to leave their rubbish at the nearest litter bin or at the foot of the nearest glass bin because it suits their personal habits.

"It isn't fair for rates payers to pick up that bill on top of all the other bills they have to pick up for being the capital of the island."
(from BBC)

And so they should be...

......THE BOSS......

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