School's caffeine drink concern

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School's caffeine drink concern

Post by GD on Mon 06 Jul 2009, 12:38 pm

A Jersey head teacher has contacted parents about pupils bringing a highly caffeinated drink to school.
John Thorp from Les Quennevais School said he was concerned about 925 Energy Shot, which says it has the same amount of caffeine as six cups of coffee.
Mr Thorp said the secondary school was concerned that once the energy boost faded, students would suffer a slump.
Mark Todd, president of manufacturer Energy Beverages Ltd, said it complied with UK and European laws.
He said it was aimed at teenagers and older.
Mr Thorp said the school sent the note to parents as a precaution after two students were seen drinking it.
He said the school already discouraged fizzy drinks and other highly caffeinated ones were banned.
Mr Todd said the drink had the same amount of caffeine that cans of energy drink had, although it was in a 60ml "shot" serving as opposed to the usual 250ml energy drink cans are sold in.
He said: "I would treat it in the same way as you treat a strong coffee or an espresso and would say you should be in your teens before you drink energy drinks." (from BBC)

Red Bull, Restless, Lucozade all have high caffeine content, where do you stop if you ban one?

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Re: School's caffeine drink concern

Post by Fast Robert on Mon 06 Jul 2009, 5:40 pm

Caffeine is highly addictive. Even moderate tea drinkers will notice the cold turkey (usually a nagging headache and fatigue for a few days) when stopping all caffeine for a few weeks. If you start young on the high doses, there will only ever be high doses to satisfy the urge.

Would you allow school kids to pop pro-plus? If so, why not a controlled dose of amphetamine, far more effective in the right quantities for focus and stamina? Ritalin and Modafinil are all the rage in the US, but the kids are on their way to Junkyville, Ohio, baby.

This product is a classic 'drug delivery system'. It really isn't a soft drink.
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