OGH Hotel..

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OGH Hotel..

Post by kiwis kitten on Sun 15 Feb 2009, 3:03 pm

This time last week....I called the OGH on my brothers behalf to book for their advertised Valentines day Evening Meal for him and his girlfriend...........

I spoke to a lady on reception...who put me through to a guy in the Brasserie.......

I asked for a table for 2 for sat 14th Feb at 8pm...

There was no probs.. he took the name...home number and mobile number...he said the meal would be in the Brasserie but if we wanted we could upgrade to the Governers room....

Anyway...My bro and his partner arrived there last night to be told they had no booking.....

(thankfully my brother was with me when i had called them so knew it was a load of rubbish)

He said im sorry but it was booked last sunday afternoon and there was no problems at all... they swore blind there was no booking but would squeeze them in for 8:30.........so they waited in the bar.....and they waited..and waited ..and at 8:50 ...very hungry and very disappointed they asked how much longer was it going to be....they were then told that the ppl were just about to order coffee and then they could be seated......so that would of been at least another 20 mins......
with that my brother got up and left ...

They went and got a pizza and went home.....

I was really annoyed because i know that the table was booked.....I bloody booked it !!

And for a Hotel....(which seems to have a good reputation) to treat ppl like that is absolutely terrible in my opinion....

My brother is going to write a letter to complain...........but it doesn't make up for a spoilt first Valentines Evening for the pair of them.............

I certainly won't be booking there!!! :x

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Re: OGH Hotel..

Post by karma on Sun 15 Feb 2009, 4:45 pm

They obviously don't know that word of mouth spreads like a wildfire on this island.......or perhaps they think they are immune from the recession.....

We have a Ruby Wedding party coming up this week - as the price of a taxi is really quite high, I decided to phone them and see if they were doing a 'special' for people wanting to stay over......she was most incredulous - why she said - so I explained that they had a 15 pp for B&B for last night - well that was Valentine's Night - it is special......so I just said fair enough if you would rather have empty rooms that's fine.......they just lost quite a bit of money, because we will not have those extra drinks and will leave before the time that the taxi fares increase....so silly Penninsula!!!!!

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