Fear in the classroom

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Fear in the classroom

Post by GD on Tue 20 Jan 2009, 8:35 pm

SHOCKING catalogue of violence against teachers in Jersey’s schools can today be revealed by the JEP.
Figures obtained under the Freedom of Information Code show that children as young as six are being suspended for assaults in the classroom. They include:
• A seven-year-old boy who punched his tutor.
• A boy aged 15 who fired a pellet gun at another pupil.
• An eight-year-old girl accused of violent behaviour towards a member of staff.
• A 14-year-old girl caught with a knife on school grounds.
In total there have been 32 suspensions for violence in Island schools during the last three years, 23 involving boys and nine involving girls. Some of the pupils were suspended more than once. The youngest child to be barred from school was a six-year-old boy who was suspended for one day after assaulting a teacher in a classroom in March last year.
Although the figures show that assaults on teachers in the Island are less common than in the UK, they reveal that extremely young children in Jersey are prepared to use violence in the classroom. Education Minister Deputy James Reed (pictured) said that he was ‘aware that teachers are concerned about managing aggressive pupils’ (from thisisjersey)

This is something that has to be stopped, It won't be easy to control this problem, but the parents must be made responsible for their children's actions...

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Re: Fear in the classroom

Post by kiwis kitten on Wed 21 Jan 2009, 6:24 pm

I can't believe how these 6 ..7 and 8 year old kids actually are assaulting their teachers....

god knows what they will be like when they grow up...

I am sorry but i blame the parents....good old fashioned discipline me thinks....never fails....

I knew if i had got into trouble at school my parents would of been on me like a ton of bricks and that scared me more then any punishment i would of got from school.......

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Re: Fear in the classroom

Post by Digger on Wed 21 Jan 2009, 7:16 pm

Unfortunately the teachers cant do anything about it , nowadays they don't even dare look sideways at the little darlings. I dread to think what the world will be like in 20 -30 years time.

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Re: Fear in the classroom

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