Island school knife crime 'rare'

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Island school knife crime 'rare'

Post by GD on Thu 30 Oct 2008, 11:43 am

Jersey's chief police officer Graham Power says incidents of knife crime in the island's schools are "rare".
He spoke after home affairs minister Wendy Kinnard called for the law to be changed to allow police to search schools for knives without a warrant.
The amendment to the firearms law is to be debated by the States on 2 December.
According to Mr Power, police officers have attended just two incidents involving knives on school premises so far in 2008.
"We are aware of the proposal... which we understand was drafted in consultation with the education department," he said.
Jail risk
"The intention of the draft law is to allow the police to assist in cases where it is suspected that there is a danger from illegal knives or similar objects being carried on school premises.
"Fortunately the incidence of this type of danger is rare in Jersey."
Under the proposal tabled by Mrs Kinnard, police would be granted the power to search schools and people for "bladed or sharply pointed objects" without a warrant - but only if an offence was suspected.
However, the head teacher would have to give permission and pupils could not be interviewed without a teacher present.
The proposal also calls for it to be regarded as an offence to carry knives on school premises - with offenders facing up to four years in jail if convicted. (from BBC News)

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Re: Island school knife crime 'rare'

Post by Simple Me on Thu 30 Oct 2008, 10:37 pm

A rare crime maybe, but get real, there are youngsters who "carry" these knives and into school, something must be done now before its too late, and the "Rare" crime becomes a No1 Crime

Simple Me

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